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What is Winmar Coin ?

Winmar coin is a payment gateway token that uses the BSC blockchain system, making it easier for every transaction in terms of time efficiency and also transaction transparency because in the future Winmar Coin will become a medium of exchange for buying and selling oil and gas and also helping online platforms from the payment side so that Winmar coin holders not only use winmar coin as a trading tool but can also make winmar coin an investment asset.

  • 01 How can i get coin ?

    You can get winmar coin on the website here

    • 1. make sure you have a metamask / Trust wallet
    • 2. Connect your wallet to pancakeswap
    • 3. copy and paste our smart contract ( 0x6654d71f065c5711e36dd2677943efd572bd6ec6 ) to pancake swap
    • 4. Enter the purchase amount via any token/coin
    • 5. After that click Swap Winmarcoin directly into your wallet
  • Because in the future winmar coin will be one of the first transaction tools that can be used for reel transactions, for example buying and selling oil and gas using winmar coin buying and selling or exchanging cryptoassets using winmar coin buying anything on the online platform using winmar coin even investing cryptoassets using winmar coin so anyone who has Winmar Coin assets can be very profitable

  • Your advantage of having winmar coins as your crypto asset is that it can be used as investment assets because our company is legal in terms of law and transaction security, not only that in the future we will also work with many online platforms so that it is very profitable for winmar coin holders.


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